Citrus Candy

Citrus Candy Dice

Citrus Candy is a small business selling resin cast dice, trays, and keychains. The creator had the name "Citrus Candy" and wanted a bright, bubbly brand. The brand was used on products, packaging, and on social media, so it needed to be widely applicable as well.

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The logomark had a clear vision from the start - a wrapped hard candy with a citrus slice inside. Step one was nailing down the shape, using the citrus slice shape both for the inner portion and to evoke the candy wrapper ends. Once the shape was approved by the client, I moved onto color schemes, focusing on pastels and bright tones inspired by citrus fruits. The client favored the bright tones for higher impact, and we ended up with a bright red exterior with multicolor pastel "fruit."

Once the logomark was, complete, we moved onto logotype, aiming for something that matched the round, playful energy of the mark while maintaining legibility and uniqueness.

At the time of inception, the business had a variety of products, including dice, plushies, and textiles, so the brand didn't contain references to any one craft. Over time, it evolved to focus on dice and other resin crafts, and the core of the logomark was used to make custom dice molds, branding every set as her own. We ended up with two versions of the full logo for different applications and two versions of the logomark to accomate social media icons.