Galaxy League Baseball

Science Fiction Baseball

Galaxy League Baseball was a personal passion project combining two of my greatest loves, baseball and Star Wars. I created nine teams based on the planets and people in Star Wars, and then made small cap-size logos for the planets and full team logos for each team.

At the end of the project, I commissioned an artist to draw art of characters wearing full uniforms based on the jerseys.

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For each team, I started with the letter logo that would go on caps, using the name of the planet instead of a city. I took inspiration from visuals of each planet as well as their thematic elements and major icons related to each planet. The star and wings of the Jedi order, the green flames of Dathomirian magick, and other similar symbols all served as inspiration.

Once the shapes of the planet logos were complete, I moved on to the team names and logos. The names were chosen for straightforward reasons — Jedi, Sith, Rebels, Clones, and Nightsisters are all commonly used terms for groups within the Star Wars universe. For the team logos and uniforms, I researched a variety of major and minor baseball logos and uniforms to incorporate classic baseball styles, or in some cases, less classic styles that made their mark on MLB history.

The teams were created in two batches. The first batch, with the Yavin Rebels, Coruscant Jedi, Kamino Clones, Mustafar Sith, and Dathomir Nightsisters, was completed before the second batch was started. I went in a much more illustrative direction with the second set, but started from the same points of inspiration and a similar process.

The second batch, with the Mandalore Mythosaurs, Bracca Scrappers, Nur Inquisitors, and Ord Mantell Batch 99s, was more illustrative, but the jerseys themselves were simplified to keep them from being overdone.