Case Study: HTML Email

Role: Designer/Developer

Problem: Many associations need clean, functional email templates that engage their readers and are easy to edit from issue to issue. They need to be responsive for various mobile email clients while remaining editable on the Higher Logic marketing automation platform.

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Over time, I've put together an easily customized workflow for newsletter emails in the association space. The responsive code has been refined over time to be as universal as possible, accounting for changes to the Gmail and Outlook apps for both iOS and Android.

Each client is unique and requires a consultation call, but most newsletters have common threads – header, date, main story, additional stories, and advertisements. Since the editor allows users to build emails without knowing any code, emails and templates created for clients have to stay editable without going into the code view. Clients provide anywhere from the entire design to basic assets or even just a list of requirements, but the end product must be clean and functional with lasting success for both an organization and their recipients.